December approaches, and game critics now return to the reviews they've written over the past several months to determine their pick for Game of the Year. Some of them will soon discover, to their horror, that each review offers the exact same effusive praise peppered with meaningless phrases like "refined gameplay," "innovative immersiveness," and "set-pieces that will blow you away." Panic ensues.

Granted, writing is hard, especially when you're dealing with an audience as fickle as gamers. Some reviews, though, can be a little over-the-top, as demonstrated by this fun quiz at Insult Swordfighting that challenges players to "Match each of these games with the breathless quotation from its review."

I should note that I empathize with every reviewer named in this article -- lord knows that I could easily be featured here myself if I still reviewed games! The trick to writing reviews, I found, is to use the word "frenetic" as much as possible.

[via @sasuraiger]