1992 was a competitive time in the handheld gaming market. Nintendo's Game Boy was the clear front-runner, though the Atari Lynx and Sega's Game Gear also had their share of fans. You probably won't find anyone who fondly remembers the Watara Supervision, though, and a recently published article at Racketboy explains why.

Designed to be a cheaper alternative to the Game Boy, the Supervision was priced under $50, with games retailing for $14.95 each. Though some features (like a pre-Super Game Boy TV-out function) were impressive, the system suffered from a blurry screen and a library of awful, awful games, many of which were created by the infamous NES unlicensed developer Sachen. There was actually a Little Red Hood sequel made for the thing, if you can believe it.

Racketboy's article is a fun read, and should give you a good idea of why the Supervision never caught on. Handheld gaming obscurity expert Stuart Ashens also produced a video featuring the Supervision a couple of years back, if you want to see its games in action.

[via @hg_101]