With LoadingReadyRun's Desert Bus For Hope 5 charity drive surpassing $150,000 in total donations so far, App Store developer Amateur Pixels has released iOS and Android versions of Desert Bus, giving a new generation of gamers access to Penn & Teller's lost Sega CD pseudo-classic.

The mobile version of Desert Bus features the same simulated bus-driving action that defined the original title, in which players are awarded a single point for completing a real-time eight-hour drive across the barren Arizona/Nevada desert. Hilariously, the iOS edition includes a set of Game Center achievements. Make sure you keep your charging cable handy.

Worth noting: Amateur Pixels' port is not authorized by Penn & Teller, nor was it created with the permission of the game's original developers. The game has also not been acknowledged or approved by LoadingReadyRun, though Amateur Pixels pledges to donate app proceeds to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity.

[via Joystiq]