Adding to the list of new gaming publications that have popped up in recent years, Continue Magazine (unreated to the defunct Japanese magazine) is a features-ed quarterly that's wants to be "about gaming rather than one that tells you what games to buy":

"Wired isn’t hawking products or evaluating goods, Sports Illustrated doesn’t review sports it celebrates them. You don’t see marks out of ten next to each Playboy centrefold (we’re reliably informed).

The magazines that thrive the most are those that support the culture, community or topic they purport to cover."

Continue intends to cover not just video games but also board, card, roleplaying, and alternate reality games. The creators say this publication is "a post-purchase magazine with a positive gaming attitude" that wants to be "a celebration of gaming."

Along with Limited Edition print copies, Continue issues will have Free Digital Edition samples for smartphones/PCs/tablets, as well as paid Full/Ad-Free Digital Editions. No word on when those issues will begin to release, but here's a newly launched website!

[Via @expdotzine]