Capcom's Zazzle storefront has updated with new Ace Attorney, Mega Man, and Street Fighter merchandise, and has expanded its Classic Arcade section with a variety of super-niche offerings.

How obscure are we talking, here? Well, here are a few examples:

- Final Fight's Belger on an apron.

- Red Earth coffee mugs and beer steins.

- Battle Circuit vinyl binders.

- Forgotten Worlds custom high-tops.

- A shirt based on the seldom seen puzzler Don't Pull, which was part of the arcade compilation Three Wonders, which saw a very limited release. The shirt is for dogs.

There's also a section devoted to Tatakai no Banka, for whatever reason. The game was released stateside as Trojan, but classic arcade games aren't exactly the first thing that particular name brings to mind. Odds are even slimmer that any other living human would recognize and compliment a Tatakai no Banka shirt, though. "Aw bro, I love Japanese proto-beat-'em-ups! High five!"