After making their Rock Band debut back in June, Buckner & Garcia have released a second batch of playable tracks inspired by arcade games from the early 1980s. Every song from the 1982 hit album "Pac-Man Fever" is now available for download via the user-created content driven Rock Band Network.

This week's additions include the album's second single "Do the Donkey Kong," the Centipede ballad "Ode to a Centipede," and songs devoted to Williams' Defender and Stern's Berserk. RBN authoring group Ozone Entertainment previously released playable versions of Buckner & Garcia's "Hyperspace," "Froggy's Lament," "Mouse Trap," and the album's title track.

Also arriving this week is Buckner & Garcia's recently recorded Giant Bomb tribute "Found Me the Bomb," which is available for 80 Microsoft points.