I lost a large chunk of my time yesterday at the Bootleg Games Wiki, a site chronicling all sorts of wonderfully strange pirated games for 8-bit and 16-bit consoles. Be careful: it could also happen to you.

Along with covering well-known efforts like Kart Fighter and the unofficial 8-bit version of Super Mario World, the site also spotlights prolific pirate game creators like the Street Fighter II-obsessed Cony Soft and Yong Yong, developers of some truly terrible Game Boy Sonic the Hedgehog knockoffs.

Browse enough of the site and you're bound to run across plenty of stuff that you've never heard of before. I was familiar with the 8-bit Harry Potter brawler Harry's Legend, for instance, but I didn't know that it was based on "Titenic," an unlikely adaptation of the 1997 James Cameron film. You might also enjoy the site's selection of oddball cloned hardware, including ZDog, a toy puppy (!) who hides a 44-game multicart in his backpack.