Cthulu Saves the World developer Robert Boyd brings us the joyful news that Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series had at last arrived in the App Store...as Ultimate iZelda Climb, a clone of Lima Sky's perpetually copied action game Doodle Jump.

An unofficial iOS app capitalizing on a popular franchise is nothing new -- let's not forget our dear, departed Ninja Turtles -- but iZelda creator Audio Attack's App Store shenanigans extend far beyond Nintendo's intellectual property. Somehow, Audio Attack has also obtained an early build of Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and has released an iOS port several weeks in advance of the game's scheduled November release.

MW3 Jump is a bold new direction for the series, for sure, but I wonder if it's the best way to launch the Call of Duty Elite service. Does MW3 Jump's multiplayer have the staying power to make it worth $60 a year? Read our exclusive review to find out.

Our exclusive review: If you're a Call of Duty fan, MW3 Jump will blow you away.

Other innovative Audio Attack products include Ultimate WoW Jump, 007 Spy Climb, Purple Dinosaur Jump, and Bratz Fly...which actually uses the same backdrop as Hello Kitty Hop, which was released one week earlier.

These games could be removed from the App Store at any time, but given that Apple spent many weeks deliberating whether Ninja Turtles infringed on anyone's intellectual property, you probably have a while to gawk at these things before they disappear.