After languishing on the mostly unappreciated DSiWare service for a year, cult platformer Shantae: Risky's Revenge has jumped to iOS, where it's likely to get the attention it deserves -- it was Metacritic's top-reviewed handheld game for 2010!

The game has you taking control of the titular, purple-haired half-genie that can transform into different animals (monkey, elephant, or mermaid) with powers that will help Shantae take down her lady pirate antagonist Risky Boots.

Developer Wayforward has adapted the game for virtual controls instead of physical d-pads/buttons, and has adjusted portions of the game to accomodate the setup. It's also added Retina Display and Game Center support.

You can download Shantae: Risky's Revenge from the App Store for free right now, and access four different areas. You can make an in-app purchase to get the full game for $2.99 (special launch price; this will eventually go up to $4.99).