Having seen who knows how many movies featuring cults that perform rituals to summon demonic beasts, it's really neat to see a game kind of based on that concept, allowing you to play as that fiend crossing into and wreaking havoc in a different world.

Aduge Studio's Qasir Al-Wasat is "the story of an invisible and frail creature which is summoned [to] 12th century Syria for a mission of infiltration and assassination, where it discovers the secrets of a wondrous palace and a trap that was set for it."

As the invisible beast, you sneak around, flipping switches and exploring the palace while trying to remain undetected by guards (or creeping up to the and killing them). The game iis meant to employ "simple mechanics and conceptual sounds and visuals".

Aduge is submitting Qasir Al-Wasat to next year's Independent Games Festival competition, and intends to release the title to Windows some time this Winter, following it up with a Mac edition soon afterward.