Late last night, while poking through a rather... unsavory place on the internet, let's just say... I came across a discovery: a Netflix instant streaming disc for the PS2. Yet instead of being the handiwork of hackers and the like, turns out, it's a very real thing.

Similar to the ones that were produced for the Wii and PS3 a few years back, the PS2 variant was created exclusively for the Brazilian market. Someone in America was able to get their hands on the super rare disc, who then ripped it and put it online.

For those interested, you'll have to track it down yourself, and a modded console is also necessary. But those with both have reported an experience that's remarkably like the PS3's, except nothing's in HD. Which shouldn't be a shocker.

It also apparently acknowledges your Netflix account with zero fuss or muss, and the menus are even in English. Most surprising of all is how it works on NTSC consoles (strange considering that Brazil mostly supports PAL).