Earlier this month in Seattle was BrickCon, one the country's biggest gathering for Lego maniacs. Hillel Cooperman, of Jackson Fish Market, is a regular attendee, but instead of attempting some colossally big and supremely intricate construct like everyone else, he decided to do something different.

Cooperman collaborated with each of his three kids, and the result was three different Lego creations. With eldest child Sivan, they produced a miniature arcade cabinet, one that could accommodate an iPad. Right off the back, an iCade made from Legos is pretty neat, but the two-person team went one step further.

Running on the iPad was a game, which they also produced. Lila the Ladybug was originally supposed to be a Frogger clone, but became "a Centipede/Kaboom combo starring our adorable ladybug" says Cooperman. Every element was created in Legos and later photographed, then scanned in.

It's available for purchase in the App Store to anyone, even those without the Lego arcade cabinet. Truth be told, it's not the most compelling thing ever, but then again, "the game is targeted at little kids which is only fitting since a 10 year old did a bunch of the programming, designing, and building."