Apparently laying its long-running Dance Dance Revolution series to rest, Konami announced that its next arcade dancing sim will be a port of its Kinect launch title DanceMasters, known in Japan as DanceEvolution.

Owing more of its gameplay inspiration to Konami's short-lived Para Para Paradise series than Dance Dance Revolution, DanceMasters traces hand and foot movements, challenging players to complete timed cues and sweeping gestures to the beat of a background music track.

While it fared poorly against Harmonix's Dance Central on the Xbox 360, I can see DanceMasters being a better fit for arcades. It's fun in short bursts, and even if it's technically a much shallower game than Dance Central, it's also less simulation-focused and easier to pick up and play for beginners.

A location test for DanceEvolution Arcade was conducted over the weekend in Fukuoka. Konami will announce a release date shortly, pending a positive player response.

[via Andriasang]