Cave's upcoming Xbox 360 visual novel Instant Brain features a special surprise for fans of arcade shoot-'em-ups. Speaking at Microsoft's Xbox 360 Fan Appreciation Festival in Akiba on Sunday, Cave's Makoto Asada announced that the company's revered 1996 arcade shooter DoDonPachi will be included as an unlockable bonus.

This particular version of DoDonPachi boasts support for the Kinect peripheral, though players can also use standard controllers. DoDonPachi will be available for play after Instant Brain is completed, according to Cave fansite CAVE-STG.

Kinect support for a manic shoot-'em-up seems like an odd fit, but I'd imagine that the experience would work surprisingly well with some tweaks, as the iOS ports of Espgaluda II and DoDonPachi Resurrection demonstrate. I can only hope that DoDonPachi eventually surfaces as an Xbox Live Arcade title, though; as much as I love the game, I'm not going to blunder my way through a Japanese visual novel to unlock it.

[via Andriasang]