111020_gifford.jpgWriter and translator (and GameSetWatch columnist!) Kevin Gifford has donated more than 8,000 vintage gaming magazines to the International Center for the History of Electronic Games, making the Center the world's largest public collection of gaming periodicals.

Gifford's collection includes back issues from a number of popular enthusiast-oriented publications from the United States and the UK, including Nintendo Power, Next Generation, Electronic Games, Creative Computing, BYTE, and others.

"In an era before Twitter and Internet forums, computer and game enthusiasts used these magazines to come together, interact with each other, and gain inspiration for their own work," said Gifford. "The collection's truly a window into a time when video games evolved from a children's diversion to a billion-dollar entertainment industry, and I'm glad that it's now made available to the public."

ICHEG houses more than 35,000 gaming artifacts, including 1UP's CGW collection and historic donations from Sierra On-Line, Will Wright, and Ralph Baer.