Ever try to play Metal Slug without pressing up or down on the joystick? You wouldn't think the handicap makes much of a difference -- the majority the game scrolls from left to right, after all -- but bombardments from overhead enemies and the occasional vertical climb make it quite the task.

The video above, recorded by "JOSHF," shows Metal Slug played from start to finish with the up and down directional inputs disabled. Oh, and it's done on one life.

JOSHF's playthrough shows off some creative uses for special weapons and hand grenades to make up for the lack of maneuverability, along with very generous application of the Metal Slug tank's ability to fire in all directions without pressing up or down. It's quite educational!

ReplayBurners also hosts a series of videos showcasing a no-death, no-grenade Metal Slug run on the hardest difficulty level, if you're looking for a more conventional but equally challenging playthrough.