Halloween's almost here, and if you don't have a costume yet, it's time to panic. Forget finding a decent Pac-Man outfit or even an Angry Birds helmet -- many costume stores have already sold through most of their stock, leaving behind piles of broken accessories and soiled PVC masks.

If you're willing to sift through what's left at your local Goodwill, though, you still might get lucky and find a decent Mario outfit. Your options are much more limited when it comes to Sonic costumes, however. Here are a few to look out for.

This Super Mario Costume is officially licensed and should still be available at many retailers. Amazon's description is a little off-putting, though: "If your dream is to be a short Italian plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom then this Super Mario costume is for you." Condescending! "Oh, you're wearing that to the Halloween party? No, no, it's fine. Whatever makes you happy."

The Adult's Super Mario Costume is a decent (if somewhat dumpy) alternative. A fellow named Lakitu contributes a helpful review at Amazon: "As soon as I sat down on the toilet, I was immediately sucked into a vortex that led to a strange new world," he recalls. "I was constantly being approached by rather large turtles and walking, talking mushrooms telling me about some captured princess.

"I set out to help the poor soul hoping to get some tail, but after confronting a large spiked dinosaur surrounded by liquid hot magma with moving platforms and elevators, I found that my whole effort was all for naught, for the princess was in another castle! Thankfully, I was able to escape back to reality through a green pipe, and was at the nearest brothel by nightfall."

Super Mario Brothers Luigi Costume comes with a jumpsuit, moustache, and hat. Beware, though -- much like the Club Nintendo Mario hat, this costume's hat is apparently not designed to be worn by humans.

"The actual outfit fits fine, but the hat is way too big," the customer above warns. "You have to be Frankenstein for it to actually fit in it. Also, the form of the hat is way off. Now I look like a cross between top-chef contestant and Mario's brother."

Nintendo's official Princess Peach costume is...actually pretty nice-looking. A review notes that you need to iron it before wearing, but otherwise, I can't see much to complain about here.

But then there's Toad, who showed up to your Halloween party uninvited and won't stop hitting on Princess Peach. At least this guy's wearing a flesh-colored shirt instead of trying to pull off a shirtless Toad. Eeugh.

Whoa, Waluigi, calm down! Look, we all agreed to dress up as Mario characters. You just happened to pick the short straw, so you had to be the Mario character nobody likes.

Wario, on the other hand, is happy with who he is. Angrily happy.

Yoshi, that's...really weird. I don't know what you're doing, but stop it.

OK, so maybe you're more of a Sonic fan. Hopefully you're also eight years old, because Sonic costumes run a little small (and a little frightening).

If you're dedicated enough to fit into a child's Sonic costume, you'll also want matching gloves and headgear. Knuckles' fists are also available.

And if you're otherwise completely out of options, you might want to look into Wilton's "Blue Hedgehog Costume." Prices start at $99.99. Yeah, you should probably get your costume shopping done early next year.