You don't have to be an Angry Bird for Halloween. Please, don't do that to yourself or your family members. Amazon has plenty of video game-inspired Halloween costumes for sale at its Halloween Shop, including a variety of licensed Pac-Man outfits that are much more dignified in comparison.

Let's have a closer look at these things.

Blinky, Inky, and Pinky will run you over $40 each. Clyde and the post-power pellet ghost are $29.95, because no one wants to be eaten, and because no one likes Clyde.

I think the Pac-Man costume itself looks kind of doofy, personally, but it may be because of the model more than anything else.

Yeah, it's definitely the model's fault.

For some reason, the models are sometimes headless. Related thought: a two-person BigDog costume would be sweet.

If your Sexy Power Rangers troupe has recently disbanded, you might instead consider dressing up as Sexy Pac-Man. A full set with four Sexy Ghosts can be yours for just $172.99. Individual prices vary, but Sexy Clyde is the most expensive of them all.

Okay, forget everything else you've seen so far. Don't even pretend like this isn't the greatest thing you've ever seen. This guy isn't Pac-Man, the character. He's not even an arcade cabinet. He's the physical manifestation of Pac-Man, the video game itself.

The fact that this artistic statement uses a decorative poncho as its canvas just makes it all the more incredible. At its current price of $28.95 (marked down from $99.82), you'd be stupid not to buy this.

And in case you're wondering, yes, it also has a sexy version.