Rock Paper Shotgun describes machina eX's performances as live action point and clicking, which is fairly apt.

It's actually quite similar to what I caught earlier this summer at Game Play 2011, specifically BrainExplode! Basically, audience members must help drive the narrative along by solving puzzles and essentially "playing" the play.

With the key difference being, instead of audience members instructing actors on stage, both share the same environment, and the former must physically manipulate objects themselves. The performers are also oblivious to the players, who are stuck in a loop that must be broken.

The trailer above is for 15.000 Gray, which shares the possibility of someone being blown to bits with BrainExplode! as well (I think). After the cut is footage from their first game/performance piece, Maurice.

You won't understand what being said, unless you understand German, but one can still follow along to a certain extent (subtitles have been promised and are forthcoming).