So Halloween's coming up, and as you may have noticed, everything in existence is now spooky, scary, or terrifying. Petco is offering spooktacular savings on chew toys and kitty litter. Those stacks of unwanted Power Gig bundles at Big Lots aren't just on sale -- they're available at a hair-raising discount.

And yet, this is by far the most egregious abuse of festive Halloween vocabulary I've ever seen. Gameloft is apparently hosting a terrifying sale on a selection of Android and iOS games, offering its customers a gory bloodbath of discounts on spine-tingling titles like Unoooooo and Shreeek and Ironnn Maaaannn Twooooo.

Also featured in the sale are the classic horror titles Skater Nation and Driver, both of which I can only hope have been updated with zombie-themed survival modes.