Square Enix's modern remake of Elevator Action on PSN is welcoming several fun characters from classic Taito games as downloadable content, starting today with Sayo from Japan-only shooter KiKi KaiKai (who would later appear as Pocky in Pocky & Rocky).

Next month, Reika Kirishima from FMV adventure game Time Gal will make her debut in Elevator Action Deluxe, followed by a sprite version of the spy hero from the original Elevator Action in December, and the Valus paddle/ship from Arkanoid in January.

That's all great news for Taito fans, but what makes it even better is that all this DLC is free! I know I'm thankful that I won't need to shell out any cash just so I could get to the bottom of how exactly the Arkanoid ship would play in Elevator Action.

[Via Game Watch]