The Australian Centre for the Moving Image has once again brought the "Best of the Independent Games Festival" to Australia with a free exhibition at South Brisbane's digital culture center The Edge, as part of the "Games: Body and Console" program.

From today until November 27, attendees can explore and play 14 finalists and winners from past Independent Games Festival competitions, including Mojang's Minecraft, Frictional Games' Amnesia, Messhof's Nidhogg, and Steph Thirion's Faraway.

The full list of games on display -- which have been created by talented indie developers from all over the world, from the U.S. to South Arica -- is available here. Attendees are invited to chalk up their scores on a public board at the exhibit for prizes.

Other upcoming highlights from "Games: Body and Console" include free workshops for Alternate Reality Games on October 25 and November 1, and an International Animation Day festival taking place on October 29 and 30.