It's too late to grab one of these now, but i you stopped by to visit Naughty Dog at New York Comic Con last weekend, you could've snagged this awesome t-shirt design for Uncharted 3 (it came with a voucher for a matching in-game shirt download, too).

Regular readers will immediately identify the tee as another illustration from up-and-coming artist Cory Schmitz, who also designed the Uncharted 3 PAX/E3 shirts, GameCity6's branding, and the MoMA Arcade CommanderVideo/Bit.Trip tote bag.

If you'd like to collaborate with Cory on something, he's guest editing a ZeldaZine right now (you've seen his sef-published EXP and Controller zines, right?) for GameCity to celebrate the series' 25 anniversary this year. Get your entry in by the 28th!