Maybe it's because A Boy and His Blob doesn't get enough tributes -- even though WayForward released an awesome re-imagining on Wii just a couple years ago! -- but I was thrilled to see someone make a short comic on the titular kid and his jellybean-eating partner.

It doesn't tell a new, action-packed story, but there's something beautiful about it, capturing the arrival of fall and the friendship between the two characters. The strip is the latest from Zac Gorman, featured here previously for his Zelda, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy works.

I wish there was a print of this, but a poster obviously wouldn't have the motion of the falling leaves or Blob nodding its head. So, I'll just keep these GIFs bookmarked, that way I can take them in whenever I'm feeling like there's not enough A Boy and His Blob tributes later.