After working on the project for more than three years, a small group of translators (Doppiapunta, Deuce, and Gho) have released an English patch for Ys Origin, Nihon Falcom's prequel to its long-running series released for Windows back in 2006.

The action RPG takes place 700 years before the events in Ys I & 2, and is the first title in the series that doesn't star red-haired warrior Adol Christin (naturally, as he wasn't born yet). You can read more about the game's plot and heroes at HG101.

Doppiapunta says the patch translates the text, graphics, and executables of Ys Origin into English. It also removes the region check, and the Windows Japanese version check. You will need a copy of the game to play (not pirated, please!), and should follow these instructions closely.