What began as wishful thinking on the part of Pieter Dom, who runs a Twin Peaks fan site, in a series of posts that wondered what a game based on the show would be like, soon became reality.

Jak Locke's 2600-ish take has been around since June at least, and was presumably easy to obtain. But ever since Game Informer ran a story on it yesterday, I haven't been able to download a copy.

No doubt it's due to Locke's site being overwhelmed by all the newfound (and widespread) attention. At least we have the footage above, of someone attempting a run of the super challenging game. There's plenty of talk of an easter egg when the score reaches 5,000, but no one seems to know what it is.

As for the game itself; it's truly amazing. Based upon Agent Cooper's journey through the Black Lodge in the final episode, you've got appearances by the pint-sized Man from Another Place, a screaming Laura Palmer, doppelganger Leland Palmer, doppelganger Dale Cooper, plus more.

The only question remains: what exactly is that easter egg? My best guess is some mini game involving Audrey Horne and her tongue-tying skills. Or at least I hope.