SNK has added a trio of pre-Neo Geo arcade titles to its PlayStation Minis lineup. Among this week's additions: The Bosconian-like multiscrolling shooter Vanguard II, vertical shoot-em-up Alpha Mission (also known as Armored Scrum Object), and the overhead-view tank shooter TNK III.

Of note is that Alpha Mission is basically outclassed in every way by its sequel, which is available as part of SNK's Neo Geo Station on the PlayStation Network. You might also recognize TNK III as being the basis for Iron Tank on the Nintendo Entertainment System...which is such a superior port that there's really no reason to ever play the arcade version.

So, this week's lineup? Not so great! Personally, I'm still waiting for the more recent titles featured in SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 0. I'd buy the hell out of some Psycho Soldier or Prehistoric Isle right about now.