Just as Irem's R-Type makes its way to Android devices, the Sega Master System version of the side-scrolling shoot'em up will be soon disappearing from Wii's Virtual Console. According to Sega, the SMS port will be taken off the download service on September 30.

This follows several weeks after Irem removed its titles (e.g. various R-Type releases, Irem Arcade Classics, and various PSP games) and PlayStation Home lounges from Japan's PlayStation Network, hinting at serious troubles for the Hakusan-based developer.

Earlier this year, the company cancelled two significant titles, Disaster Report 4 and Bumpy Trot 2, both for the PS3. Even more bad news, veteran designer Kazuma Kujo left Irem in May to join new studio Granzella. At least the studio has new games still coming, like a Pachinko title for 3DS.

The TurboGrafx-16 version of R-Type remains on the Virtual Console, as does the SNES Super R-Type and R-Type III games, but completionists/series fans will lose something special with the removal of the SMS edition. HG101 outlined the port's unique offerings:

"It was brought to the system courtesy of Compile, who was know for various MSX and SMS shooters such as Aleste/Power Strike, and had a closing working relationship with Sega. While the port was obviously scaled down, it looks astounding for the time period, and other than the expected flickering and slowdown, made an excellent transition to the home screen.

The Sega Master System version also had a secret exclusive level. In the fourth stage, in the part where the screen is filled with those green dots, there's an opening in the ceiling at the top. Fly in that opening and go backwards, and you'll enter the secret level, complete with weird green frog mechanisms and a uber-freaky boss."