Brandon Boyer is many things to many people. For example, to everyone here at GameSetWatch and the rest of the UBM family, he is the chairperson of the IGF. Though much of his long list of accomplishments could be best summed up by one simple title: a guy that does a lot of good for video games.

Ultimately, Boyer is mostly known for Offworld, his groundbreaking video game blog that... for reasons that may never be fully understood... had the plug pulled just as things were getting started. Yet it's brief presence is still felt today; no doubt he's been pestered on a daily basis with questions regarding what happened, and when it'll be coming back.

Well at long last, its spiritual successor is almost upon us. From the ashes of Boing Boing comes a brand new, fully independently owned portal. One that he's attempting to raise capital to cover operating costs. As Boyer explains in an interview with Joystiq:

"On a very basic level, Venus Patrol will be a direct successor to the kinds of things I did with Offworld, that is: definitely a number of daily news items, but -- ideally -- an alternative to the kind of daily news you get from other major game sites, more tightly honed and heavily curated to filter out a lot of the snark and dross."

And to open up those wallets, Boyer has assembled an absurdly amazing collection of incentives for his Kickstarter, including an exclusive wallpaper from Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy), a trio of exclusive new games from Adam Saltsman (Canabalt), Vlambeer (Super Crate Box) and Superbrothers (Sword & Sworcery), a limited edition copy of Mathew Kumar's exp., a deck of Monster Mii trading cards from James Kochalka, plus more.

In less than one day, Boyer has accumulated over half of the $50,000 he's seeking, which basically means one thing: people have been wanting Offworld 2.0 something fierce, so thank goodness that it's actually happening.