A quality week for PlayStation users -- Wayforward's reimagining of the vampiress Bloodrayne with Betrayal, is now availble for $14.99. Alongside it is Skydrift, also for $14.99, an fantastic looking flying racer with Mario Kart antics melded in. Both have demos too! A retail game has also been added -- Rugby 2011 for $49.99.

We also have a new PSOne Import Classic -- Mega Man 4, which you can grab for $5.99.

Lastly, a whopping 5 new Minis titles -- Alpha Mission ($2.99), Doodle Fit ($1.99), The Impossible Game ($2.99), T.N.K. III ($2.99), and Vanguard II ($2.99)

PlayStation Plus users also get the folliwing: Plants vs. Zombies, Astro Tripper, Altered Beast, Bashi Blocks (Minis) and Jet Moto (PSOne) all for free!