The upgraded PlayStation 3 edition of Capcom's popular action-RPG sequel Monster Hunter Portable 3rd saw a successful debut late last month in Japan, selling through more than 250,000 units in its premiere week. So why is the game currently getting slammed with negative customer reviews at online retailer

Customers report problems specifically with Adhoc Party, a PlayStation 3 application that allows players to team up with fellow monster hunters in online cooperative play. While the service was widely used and typically problem-free with previous Monster Hunter games on the PSP, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD players note that Adhoc Party support is less than ideal. Multiplayer quests are also at the mercy of random hunt-ending freezes, as seen in the video above at the 12-minute mark.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD currently earns a two-star review average at -- an unusually low rating for such a popular title. Capcom has offered no word as to whether it plans to address the game's reported issues in a software update.