Coming to both the App Store and physical toy stores tomorrow is Life of George from Lego. It combines alternative reality gaming plus real world building skills in one convenient and fun looking package.

The player's task is to re-create an image on the iPhone or iPod Touch with the blocks provided, and on a mat that's essentially a green screen. Once completed, the player takes a picture via the iOS device's camera. A score is given, one that's based upon speed and accuracy.

Life of George is 12 levels long and built around the title character, who's "a software engineer by day and an adventurer by night" according to Macworld. Each covers 10 different models that can be played solo or in multiplayer.

There will also be a mode called "My Life" in which players are encouraged to come up with their own models and which can be saved via the virtual scrapbook. The app will be free, whereas the physical components will be sold for $23.