Dropping an action game or a platformer into a Tetris-style puzzle game isn't that new of a gimmick, but I especially like the concept of this one because it reminds me of a homebrew DS puzzler that combined Boggle with Meteos: WordUp (it's very much worth tracking down and playing!)

Lexcavator is a promising looking puzzler from Adam Parrish, who has been working on this since last March. Essentially, you're forming words out of the letter tiles, clearing blocks to dig into the well. It's like Boggle mixed with Mr. Driller, but with forced scrolling instead of a diminishing air supply).

It's a simple mash-up, but I could see this being very addictive, just like WordUp. Parrish says Lexcavator has multiple game modes (fingers crossed for a story mode), and intends to release a beta version in a few weeks. I'll be sure to let you know once it's out!