boyer.jpg[Continuing his posts on the 2012 Independent Games Festival competition,
IGF Chairman Brandon Boyer reminds on the upcoming deadline for the IGF
competitions, also detailing some important specifics on entries.]

Hello everyone! As we did last year, we're dropping a quick note here that the deadline for Independent Games Festival 2012 Main Competition entries is October 17 at 11:59pm PST -- that's six weeks from today.

For our part, we've been quietly working behind the scenes -- as promised -- to make your experience with the IGF even smoother than it has been before.

To that end, you may have already spotted that the initial "submission received" emails you get on successful entry into the festival contain a new link. It's just above the information for uploading your entry.

This new page -- look for a link, and mail us if you didn't get it -- will be your personal hub throughout the remainder of the festival. That way, you can update your entry's public and private description, modify instructions for judges, link to newer videos and trailers, and upload updated screenshots with ease.

We're still working on making other updates to this page, to keep you better informed about the festival's process & progress throughout the judging and jurying period. You'll be hearing more about that in the coming weeks as they're completed and added.

As an additional reminder, (because it's a question I still get asked quite often): that initial deadline does not mean your IGF-entered game has to be content complete by the 17th. It simply means that your initial, playable game submission needs to be in our system by that time. Judges may play the game at any time from that date onwards.

Throughout the judging process, you'll be free to polish and upload newer builds of your game, and judges will play the newest version available. (However, we can't guarantee exactly when they will get to play a title, so try to submit early, near-finished, and update often if not!)

That's all for now -- very much looking forward to seeing what you've been cooking up over the past year! As usual, don't hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] with any questions or concerns!