Efforts towards resurrecting Mega Man Legends 3, which appeared to be going well in the beginning at least, has pretty much hit a dead end. Capccom has been crystal clear about their lack of interest, and on multiple occasions.

The only way to possible change their mind is for them to hear thousands upon thousands of voices, all demanding its return. Thus far, the "100,000 Strong For Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3"initiative is only up to about 46,000.

Clearly, more people need to sign up for the cause. Yet the message has been broadcasted all over the internet, loud and clear for many weeks. What else can the faithful do? How about an ad in the local circular?

That's what Paul Barrett did, who paid for an ad in The Gateway Shopper, which reaches residents of southern Michigan and northern Indiana. The comments on Facebook are mostly along the lines of "brilliant!" Though someone did point out that a QR code might have been more effective, since many might be too lazy to type in a URL.

True, but I have a hunch that folks looking for places to sell their coins might not know what a QR code is in the first place.

[via GoNintendo]