Yes, it's true, goats are the new zombies, stamping their hooved mark on a growing number of video games. We've got the goat battle in Dragon's Dogma, Jeff Minter's iOS platformer GoatUp, Magical Time Bean's Escape Goat, and now this NES homebrew project.

Former Big Fish Games/Monolith Productions artist Jim Welch wants to create Goats vs. Nazis -- a World War II-era top-down two-player action game in which "two fed-up farm goats (Tee and Jay) proceed to chew up the Third Reich from top to bottom".

The goats special powers? They can "eat helmets, guns, tin-cans, grass etc. to restore health and charge attacks". Welch intends to spend a year building seven levels, a password progress system, three difficulty levels, and a "jammin' NES chiptune soundtrack".

Before he can make this, though, he's hoping to raise $14,000 in Kickstarter, and is offereing some nice incentives to those who pledge: beta access to a two-level build months before the final release, in-game credits, 8x10 prints of the virtual boxart, and more.

Welch wants to digitally distribute Goats vs. Nazis' final NES ROM for free to everyone, but he is also considering a run of physical cartridges and mobile ports later. You have just two months to make this happen on Kickstarter!