Six months after releasing its bullet hell game Espgaluda II to iPhones and iPod Touches, shoot'em up specialist Cave has announced that an HD version is coming to the iPad 2 soon -- it's kind of a worrying trend that some high-profile games lately aren't supporting the original iPad, even though it's less than two years old.

Espgaluda II for iPad 2 will feature remastered, high-definition graphics (though backgrounds and some graphics are unchanged), as well as a new soundtrack for the Smartphone mode by Kenichi Fukui and Kay. Owners of the shmup's handset version will also get an update (presumably free) wtih the new music.

Furthermore, Cave revealed that it's breaking off the modes to release them as split versions. You'll still be able to buy "full versions" of Espgaluda II on iPad 2 and iPhone/iPod Touch, but Cave will now sell an "Arcade Version" and "Smartphone Version" for the individual modes in the games, likely at a cheaper price.