Window of the World Park, an amusement park in Changsha, China, is putting the popularity of Rovio's Angry Birds franchise to use in its attractions by featuring cut-out-boards (for photographs), a real-life game based on the puzzler, and more -- all unauthorized, of course.

The Angry Birds game at the park involves players pulling back a giant slingshot, and firing plush dolls of the irate avians at balloon targets (presumably based on the villainous green pigs) placed in between toy bricks. It actually sounds pretty fun!

Other companies are capitalizing on the Angry Birds craze, too, like Hero Technologies, which turned the mobile title into an arcade game with near-identical birds and pigs. It appears to feature four-player support and slightly different graphics, though (see a flyer past the break).

[Via Acade Heroes, What's On Ningbo]