Following up his Commodore 64 conversion of Terry Cavanagh's platformer VVVVVV, Paul 'Paulko64' Koller is working on re-creating another modern indie game for the 8-bit system: Adam Saltsman's popular Flash/iOS one-button game Canabalt.

You can immediately tell that there's still a bit to code, like the collisions, falling buildings, birds/shattering windows, and more, but it's amazing to see the game capture the speed, procedurally generated level layout, and feel of the original on the nearly 30-year-old system.

He's received permission from Saltsman for the project, and is building it for RGCD's "C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition". Koller hopes to release the game as a free download and a limited run of C64anabalt cartridges when he's finished.

[Via RGCD]