gheroes.png[GameSetWatch rounds up the week's biggest news for the major console and portable digital delivery services, this time highlighting news about Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and MotoHeroz.]

A little on the light side of content this week, but we do have some good reads! Team Meat, developer of Super Meat Boy, had a good long chat with the crew about their experiences with the Xbox Live Arcade. We also get hyped about Treasures upcoming Guardian Heroes, and check out some of the latest Xbox Live Indie Games.

Interview: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet's Creators Talk Quitting their Day Jobs (XBLA)
In this interview, renowned filmmaker Michel Gagne and Fuelcell CEO Joe Olson talk with GameSetWatch contributor Jason Johnson about creating XBLA's Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, leaving Hollywood, and the differences between working in the movie and game industries.

SNK Adds More Pre-Neo Geo Arcade Minis To PSN Lineup (PSN)
SNK has added a trio of pre-Neo Geo arcade titles to its PlayStation Minis lineup.

RedLynx Releasing MotoHeroz To WiiWare Next Week (WiiWare)
Trials HD developer RedLynx revealed that its next physics-based racing game, MotoHeroz, will debut on WiiWare on Thursday, September 15.

Choose Your Own Adventure With Guardian Heroes In October (XBLA)
To celebrate the release of Guardian Heroes, we now have the first official trailer of it in action.

Team Meat On Working With Microsoft, Steam 'Powerhouse' (XBLA)
As part of a podcast with sister site, Super Meat Boy's Team Meat shared their thoughts of a variety of topics. Here, 11 notable points are highlighted from the podcast. XBL Indie Game Pick: Train Frontier Express (XBLIG)
Michael Rose goes one-on-one with the toy train simulation. XBL Indie Game Pick: Speedrunner HD (XBLIG)
The name says it all -- it's a speed-runner that sees you getting from A to B in the fastest time possible.