Despite petitions begging Konami and Vatra to not let "nu metal" band Korn handle the theme song for Silent Hill: Downpour, the companies went ahead with the collaboration anyway, and debuted the track with this new Tokyo Game Show trailer.

Reactions to the song from fans? Mixed -- members from Silent Hill Community seem pretty level-headed about the track:

"It's not that great, but it's not terrible either. It's pretty laid back and toned down. Not very screamy or anything like Korn's heavier songs from the past. Certainly not something that will screw up the game by any means."

"At least it's not annoying. Not one of those songs you get irritated by each time you start the game back up."

"I'm completely fine with the new direction. Its not the old stuff, but it doesn't feel like normal Korn to me either."

"I actually think the song is pretty decent, especially given the fact that it's only really for advertising and the menu screen. It's also a nice change of pace from the usual SH vocal tracks. It brings some variety to the table, and variety is good."

Some of the folks commenting about the tune on YouTube and NeoGAF, though, are less forgiving:


"Video comes off as a bad fan-made movie with that song playing."

"Oh God, the Korn theme song is so much more painful than I could ever have imagined.´╗┐ Just terrible :-("

"Downpour of my bitter tears. Horrendous music."

"That Korn song just doesn't fit at all. The trailer is like a fan AMV."

If you hate it, you should be able to skip it immediately when playing the PS3/Xbox 360 game by hitting Start when the menu screen comes up. Silent Hill: Downpour will release on October 25 in North America.