For those who haven't heard, Dragon Quest X was formally unveiled yesterday in Japan. News that it would not only be a MMO, but a MMO for the Wii, to be released in the year 2012 no less, has sent shockwaves across the board to put it mildly.

True it's also coming to the Wii U, but many are still scratching their heads, wondering what the heck's going on (though on a personal note, it's the lack of any Level 5 involvement that has me most concerned).

At least one game industry luminary has weighed in on the issue, that being Masahiro Sakurai, best known for Kirby, Super Smash Bros, and most recently Kid Icarus: Uprising. According to Andriasang, and via his Twitter:

"After hearing that it's online, the number of people who say the classic style Dragon Quest would be better is probably not low. However, in a game industry where evolution and sudden changes are tolerated, even considered expected, just treading the same path would be be troubling. It's being made by people who've made sound titles in the past, so I'm greatly looking forward to it."

As pretty much everyone knows by now, the Japanese game industry is in a serious state of stagnation. Something different is desperately needed, though many believe that in this case, it's both too radical and impractical. Time will only tell if DQX ends up being a huge misstep or a stroke of genius.

Andriasang also reports that a Famicom version of the game is in development as well. It's assumed that this is for the Virtual Console, but other questions, like how internet connectivity comes into play, or if Square Enix posted their April Fool's joke way too early, has yet to be answered.


UPDATE: It has since been confirmed to be a gag; as if everyone in the party being named after Final Fantasy 6 characters wasn't proof enough already]. And as reader Mark Cook points out, the screenshot is from Dragon Quest III.