The few days has seen countless game related Kickstarters of all kinds, from the rebirth of Offworld to a video game in a cardboard box. So much so that we totally forgot to mention the sci-fi infused take on GameDev Story.

Meanwhile, something that simply documents people playing a game seems rather mundane in comparison. But aside from the fact that it's not about Chinatown Fair, which seems to be everyone's subject of choice these days, this one is entirely centered on Super Smash Bros.

Specifically, a bunch of teenage pals who "suddenly found themselves fighting for thousands of dollars under harsh pressure and dealt with tragedy and adversity on the way. The emotional journey from noob to pro left some jaded, some rich and others on a new track to find meaning in their adult lives."

But it's precisely that kind of hyperbole that helps set The Smash Brothers aside from the pack. The manner in which the subjects carry themselves gives one the impression that it's a mockumentary at first, but it soon becomes clear that they're legit. Plus there's way too much supporting footage provided along the way (though I have seen more elaborate jokes).

And the means in which the seemingly pedestrian story unfolds, along with the rather low-fi presentation (quite the contract of the, at times, overly slick efforts of its contemporaries) makes the entire 20-minute plus "pilot episode" well worth watching in its entirety.

[via GoNintendo]