That's the basic premise behind the proof of concept above, which takes a digital game and turns it into an entirely physical experience. At the heart of it all is the Teagueduino, an open source electronic board and interface that's geared towards those who lack coding and soldering skills whatsoever.

As Teague Labs, its creators state: "Teagueduino is designed to help you discover your inner techno-geek and embrace the awesomeness of making things in realtime -- even if you've only ever programmed your VCR."

The video that's attached to their Kickstarter (seen after the cut) illustrates just a few of the possibilities that the device provides, as well as a look at the primarily drop down window driven software. Since programming is made so simple (or so it is promised), the Teagueduino should also be perfect for educators and the like.

One can already imagine next year's Bent Festival, with tables filled with Teagueduino powered devices, including a few games hopefully. To find out and more and get yourself a kit, simply follow this link.

[via Kotaku]