Given that future of Uncharted's motion picture adaption is uncertain at best, the next best possible route to extend the franchise is a television show of some sort. But instead of additional Nathan Drake adventures that occur before/after/in between the games, which makes the most sense, it will instead be a reality show.

Uncharted 3: Race to the Ring will be a special for G4, gaming's de facto TV HQ (for better or worse). The plan is to pit contestants against each other in a series of challenges, both in game and in real life. It's assumed that the later will be based upon things that Drake goes through himself.

In that case, it might resemble G4's most popular program, Ninja Warrior, with regular people attempting to perform all kinds of intense and wacky physical feats. But with the show actually has something to do with video games, which is somewhat rare at this point for the network.

No word on what the prizes are, though one must assume that the ultra fab and limited edition shirts that was given at E3 and PAX will be included. Filming takes place in Los Angeles in early October. Those interested can apply here.