The first fruit of Level 5's collaboration with the renowned Studio Ghibli arrived on the DS last winter, in the form of Ni no Kuni. A PS3 version was also promised, but other than the announcement trailer that hails from last summer (see above), hardly a peep has been uttered since. Well at long last, new information has materialized.

It's full title has been revealed as Ni no Kuni: The Queen of the Holy White Ash; the DS's subtitle was The Jet Black Wizard. In an interview with Famitsu last summer, Level 5 explained that both games were being developed separately and will be completely unique from each other. With the only element tying the two being the magical book that transports the leads from both games to some far away land (which might also be the same for both).

Andriasan not surprisingly has screens, which further indicates visuals that are on par with Ghibli's traditional animation, hence why the PS3 version has always been the more anticipated of the two. It was also noted that the game's homepage got was updated, and also includes the promise of new footage forthcoming.

There's also a release date now, November 17, along with a rather hefty price tag of 8,800 yen. Given that such an asking price is generally revered for games with a collectable figure or body pillow, and how that's not either studio's style, one must assume that a replica of the book (the "Ninokuni") will also be included, just like in the DS release.