Even though it was only last month that a profile on the creators of super-niche game Dwarf Fortress appeared in The New York Times, it's still bewildering to see a Blizzard's StarCraft pop up with a front page article on today's Wall Street Journal (below the fold but not any less amazing!).

The piece, which has a sensational "Geeks Beat Jocks as Bar Fight Breaks Out Over Control of the TV" headline, centers around the popularity of Starcraft as an eSport, and the "Barcraft" events that a few pubs have been hosting for patrons to watch streams of live matches for the real-time strategy game.

There've been more than a dozen Barcraft events at taverns in Raleigh, Boston, Beaverton, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Seattle, and even though fans can watch the same StarCraft matches on their PCs at home, apparently these get-togethers are well attended. 

One pub saw 50 gamers show up for a Barcraft even, double its usual Sunday numbers. "This feels like the World Cup," said Bistro 153 manager Jim Biddle in the Wall Street Journal article. "You experience the energy and screams of everyone around you when a player makes an amazing play."

You can read the financial newspaper's StarCraft/Barcraft article here (registration might be required) -- check out the Dark Templar hedcut!

[Image via Primadog]