When you're mashing away at buttons in a fighting game, trying to execute a complex combo or break out of an opponent's rush, it's not that uncommon for you to accidentally hit the pause button (especially if you're using an arcade stick), breaking up the game's momentum.

That's bad enough with your friends, who will clown you for messing up the match, but in a tournament/competitive setting, that sort of mistake could cost you an automatic round loss. I saw at least a couple matchs this weekend at Evo where guys lost their rounds that way.

Reverge Labs implemented a simple solution in its upcoming PS3/Xbox 360 fighter Skullgirls to prevent that from happening: if you want to pause the game, you have hold down the start button for at least 15 frames -- accidentally tapping it won't suspend the game.

The suggestion apparently came from Mr. X from the Shoryuken fighting game forums. More developers should listen to their community about ideas for problems like these! Capcom is also considering something similar for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, if there's fan support for it.

"We also have plans or a tournament mode in the works," add Reverge. "So, things like requiring you to send your buttons after you choose your controllers, and automatically disconnecting all the controllers after one of them is unplugged. This is stuff we'd ver much like to see in other games."

[Via Shoryuken]