Answering repeated calls for someone to release a traditional gaming pad for touch-based mobile devices, Dancing Pixel Studios recently released Sixaxis Controller, a new app allowing you to play games on Android-powered phones and tablets with the PlayStation's Sixaxis and DualShock 3 wireless controllers.

It's an awesome idea, as it adds controller support without requiring you to shell out cash for a new accessory if you already have a PS3 pad, but there's a catch -- you need to have a "rooted" mobile, and the app is incompatibile with most HTC devices and some new Samsung phones due to Bluetooth issues.

There's also a number of steps you need to take before you can get this setup working, including running a "SixaxisPairTool" program with a mini-USB cable, a Windows PC, and your pad. If you can get it working, though, Sixaxis Controller support up to four controllers simultaneously, and configurable buttons.

You can buy Sixaxis Controller from the Android Market for $1.67 here, but you might first want to try out the free Sixaxis Compatibility Checker to see if your device is up to the task.

[Via Gamefreaks]