There's a new Minecraft mod in the works, called Pokemobs. At the moment, it's pretty rough, with many features yet to be implemented. But even at an early stage, there's still much fun to be had, roaming the blocky wilderness for your favorite Pokemon.

As you'll see and hear from the video above, it's based upon the original Game Boy game, Pokemon Red and Blue/Green. Meaning the original 151 will be accounted for, along with the all the locales, even the first incarnation of Team Rocket.

The clip also demonstrates that to get started, one needs to create your own Pokedex and Pokeballs from scratch, much like anything in Minecraft. But once that's taken care of, the hunt is on! Again, it's still being pieced together, meaning there's no battle support and various other functional elements. Look for future updates to fix all that.

To check Pokemobs out for yourself, simply head one top to the Minecraft Forums.

[via Electropixel]